Empowering Parents for Early Disease Detection

MarVivo has a special connection to the children of the Magdalena Bay through its environmental education programs and parents on our community team. In July 2023, MarVivo launched our first collaborative “Child Health Campaigns” guiding parents to understand the importance of spotting childhood diseases early on. These initiatives bring together healthcare professionals, volunteers, and the community to ensure that parents are well-informed and equipped to safeguard their children’s health.

The comprehensive approach of these campaigns includes:

  1. Creating Pediatric Medical Records: Recording a child’s medical history is essential for accurate diagnosis and treatment. By maintaining up-to-date medical records, healthcare providers can spot any potential red flags.
  2. Medical Consultations for Ages 4 to 12: Regular medical check-ups during these formative years are vital. It’s a chance to identify any subtle health changes and address concerns proactively.
  3. Relevant Clinical Studies: These campaigns advocate for necessary clinical studies that help in diagnosing and understanding childhood cancer.
  4. Referring to Specialized Health Institutions: In collaboration with the state and municipal Health Secretariats, campaigns ensure children are referred to specialized healthcare facilities like IMSS and ISSSTE when needed.
  5. Implementing a Signs and Symptoms Checklist: Health Centers in each community provide a checklist to spot early signs of cancer in minors, helping parents identify potential health issues.
  6. Empowering with Information: Timely and effective information about warning signs and symptoms of childhood cancer is provided, along with the importance of maintaining a healthy diet.

Uniting for a Healthier Future

Child health campaigns are the result of collective efforts. Collaborating with esteemed healthcare professionals such as Dr. Rocío Lepe Torres, the State Subdirector of the Health Secretariat of Baja California Sur, Dr. José Luis Urías Corrales, and Dr. Marcelino Monreal, Chief of Jurisdiction No. 1 of the Municipality of Comondú, has been instrumental in making these initiatives successful.

Additionally, the unwavering support from the staff of Health Centers in Puerto San Carlos and Puerto Adolfo López Mateos, personnel from Fundación MarVivo, and a dedicated group of volunteers has played a crucial role in reaching out to the community and touching the lives of 134 families.

Making a Difference: Changing Perspectives

The impact of these campaigns has been profound. Parents who participated in the consultations have gained invaluable insights into their children’s health. Many discovered underlying health concerns they were previously unaware of, prompting them to take proactive measures for their children’s well-being.

Through these campaigns, minors with specific characteristics requiring continuous medical attention were identified, and their parents were promptly informed. This has made a significant difference in ensuring timely care, potentially altering the course of their children’s health journey

A Call to Action: Our Children’s Health Matters

These pilot child health campaigns proved very successful with a simple act of paying attention to signs and symptoms making all the difference. Regular check-ups and staying vigilant for any abnormalities empower us to act swiftly when needed. MarVivo will use community and healthcare professional feedback to develop a long-term program to ensure young children in Magdalena Bay have access to healthcare check-ups.


Together, we can make a healthier and brighter future for our children.

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About The Author:


Carmelita, a lifelong resident of Magdalena Bay, became our Community Science Program Coordinator at MarVivo in 2021. Her dedication to turtle conservation serves as an inspiration for local fishers and young children, encouraging them to enhance preservation efforts.