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MarVivo pioneers and implements blue carbon and biodiversity projects creating funding mechanisms for the sustainable development of coastal communities.


Industry Pioneers

MarVivo was founded in 2019 by the founders of Infinite-Earth Corporation, authors of the first REDD+ forest carbon accounting methodology, and project developers of the Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve. As ocean enthusiasts we recognized the value of blue ecosystems as a vital tool to keeping our planet below 1.5C. We built a global team of experts to unlock and protect their potential.


At MarVivo, we are committed to preserving our remaining marine ecosystems. Through rigorous research, sustainable practices, and partnerships with local communities, we strive to protect and restore our natural world for generations to come.

MarVivo embraces cutting-edge technologies and innovative approaches to tackle environmental challenges. From developing advanced monitoring systems to designing sustainable solutions, we harness the power of innovation to drive positive change and create a more sustainable future.

We believe that a thriving planet starts with strong and engaged communities. MarVivo works closely with local stakeholders, empowering them to become active participants in conservation efforts. Together, we foster a sense of environmental stewardship, knowledge-sharing, and collaboration for a healthier and more connected world.

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Driven to Innovate

We are a global team of scientists, entrepreneurs and technologists who strive to protect marine ecosystems beyond conventional conservation solutions. We are proud of our diverse team. It’s the foundation of our innovative nature-based solutions.

Todd Lemons

CEO & Co-Founder

Jeff Reece


Tom Sparke

Strategy & Communications Manager

Marco Bustamente

Director of Natural Capital Assets

Alfonso Blancafort

Director of Legal & Policy

Talia Rodriguez

Community Operations Manager

Jano De Rutte

Climate Manager

Maike Heidemeyer

Community & Biodiversity Manager

Adriana d’Argence

Executive Coordinator

Martha Lucia Calderon

CONANP Project Coordinator

Daniel Archundia

Monitoring Specialist

Ellen Myers

Community Coordinator

Carmelita Solis Hernandez

Wildlife Monitoring Specialist

Karla Silva Garcia

Environmental Education Coordinator

Jesus Braulio Ruiz Moroyoqui

Operations Manager

Jose Velez

Environmental Education Assistant

Omar Martinez Garcia

Wildlife Monitoring Officer

Jose Hernandez

Wildlife Manager (sea turtles)

Adan Gomez

Wildlife Monitoring Officer

Edith Solis Hernandez

Wildlife Monitoring Assistant

Jose Alberto Ruiz Mendivil


Mirna Perez

Community Cook

Mayra Perez

English Teacher

Cristian Avalos

Senior Accountant

Nahomi Albarren

Legal & HR Coordinator

Alejandro Hernandez

Administrative Assistant

Yarely Mendosa

Accounting Supervisor


Expanding Our Impact