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808, 2023

Child Health Campaigns

By |August 8, 2023|Categories: Community|Tags: |

The first of MarVivo's collaborative “Child Health Campaigns” guides parents to understand the importance of spotting childhood diseases early on.

2006, 2023

Leveraging eDNA Technology

By |June 20, 2023|Categories: Biodiversity|Tags: , |

Environmental DNA (eDNA) analysis has emerged as a valuable tool for assessing marine biodiversity. By extracting DNA from water samples, scientists can amplify and sequence specific genetic markers to identify the organisms that have left their genetic material behind. This method can provide a comprehensive picture of the species composition, including those that are rare, cryptic, or difficult to observe directly.

106, 2023

What Is Blue Carbon?

By |June 1, 2023|Categories: Biodiversity, Climate|Tags: , |

Blue carbon offers a powerful nature-based solution to climate change. The Magdalena Blue Carbon Project stands as a pioneering example of how local communities, scientific expertise, and environmental for-profit businesses can collaborate to protect these invaluable ecosystems while combating climate change.

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