The [email protected] is a creative space connecting local businesses, scientists and eco-tourism partners to foster high economic impact growth opportunities that have low environmental impact in the community.

Participatory Learning to Improve Lives and Become Effective Stewards of Nature.

MarVivo envisions The [email protected] as a place where local business can come together to network and foster sustainable industries for economic growth in the community.

The [email protected] will be a creative space for tourism, gastronomy, science and education.  With the addition of “eco-chic’ cabanas, the ARK will also serve as a CoWork/Co-Live space for photographers, scientists and tourist visiting MagBay and serve as a platform for connecting them with the local community.

Unlike traditional conservation initiatives that can breed suspicion, contempt and are often transient in nature, The [email protected] aims to employ a model of true partnership by building generational relationships to produce transformative results.

MarVivo is building trust and enthusiasm among ALL stakeholders through mutual respect, full transparency, capacity building and open, mutual knowledge sharing and transfer.