MarVivo Collaboration Partners

The MarVivo-MagBay Biodiversity Reserve is being developed by a coalition of stakeholders including MarVivo Corporation, CONANP and the communities of Magdalena Bay.

The MarVivo Team is an international network of multidisciplinary specialists with professional background in climate, biodiversity, community, analysis and engagement, legal & political arenas, ecotourism and hospitality development.

The People of MarVivo

Todd Lemons

Lead Architect

Todd is the lead architect and co-founder of MarVivo.

For more than thirty years, Todd has been on the leading edge of the development of market-based conservation models. Todd’s work in the field of market-based (for-profit) conservation funding mechanisms includes the founding of several social & environmental enterprises: Composite Technology International, InfiniteEARTH, EcoSmart Labs and MarVivo Corporation.

During his career, Todd has lived and worked extensively in South America and Asia including Guyana, Chile, Bolivia, Brazil, Mexico, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, and Thailand.

Jeff Reece


Jeff Reece is a conservationist with a unique background in management consulting, investment banking and private equity.

He co-founded InfiniteEARTH and MarVivo with Todd Lemons.

Jeff works across all areas of the business to ensure operational execution aligns with our unique strategy.

Alfonso Blancafort

Director of Legal and Political Operations

Alfonso is currently serving as Director of Legal and Political Operations for Fundación MarVivo Mexico, A.C. His experience of over 25 years of in the legal field, both in the private and public sector include work for international law firms such as Baker & McKenzie and serving as Deputy Secretary (Delegado) of SEMARNAT in Baja California and liaison of wildlife conservation initiatives.

Alfonso’s extensive legal and political background provides lessons learned to the MarVivo project, applying them to develop future areas for sustainable economic development projects in the community.

Marco Bustamante

Director of Carbon Asset Development

Marco has extensive consulting experience in REDD+, deforestation-free agriculture, forestry investments, greenhouse gas analysis and life cycle assessment. In his capacity as Director of Project Operations at InfiniteEARTH, Marco led the process that saw Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve become the world’s first REDD+ project to achieve verification for all 17 SDGs under the Verra SD Vista standard, while maintaining it’s Triple Gold status under the CCB standards.

Marco obtained a Forest Engineering degree from the Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina and received his MPhil in Environmental Policy from the University of Cambridge as a Chevening Scholar.

Tom Sparke

Battleplan Manager

Tom has extensive marine conservation experience from the Caribbean, Latin America, and the Indo-Pacific. After obtaining a MSc in Tropical Coastal Management from Newcastle University, UK, Tom spent 4 years in the Cayman Islands developing immersive educational experiences and invasive species management programs.

Tom went on to manage an international ocean conservation foundation who supported the designation of multiple marine protected areas.

Tom is a SCUBA diving instructor, technical diver, and underwater videographer which allows him to capture MarVivo’s story through creative media. In addition, Tom helps develop MarVivo’s project initiatives and assists with global prospecting.

Lilly Carrion

Adjunct Officer

Lilly is like an ice cream with two flavors, fresh and dainty, fruity and colorful. In her handbag, among the postcards from Spain, her home country, we find a series of pretty things from life that she has uncovered during her various travels, following a wanderlust heart.

Earning her B.A in Performing Arts, Lilly has obtained a License of Sociology and Psychology.

Specialized in launching projects, Lilly decided to share her knowledge, insight and effective implementation with MarVivo’s team, offering a bespoke management support, focused on people, processes, performance and projects , always contributing to positive results.

Maike Heidemeyer

Biodiversity Valuation Manager

Maike holds a BSc in Biology and Sustainable Development and a MSc in Genetics, and is passionate about science, fishing community engagement and marine species conservation. She strongly believes in the combining these pillars to achieve the sustainable development of coastal areas.

While serving as a researcher and professor in academia for more than 8 years, she has proven her example by co-founding a community-based NGO in Northwest Costa Rica, which successfully transformed their main income to derive from resource extraction to scientific tourism and wildlife monitoring.

Maike aims to replicate this model with MarVivo and further evaluate alternate uses of natural resources to make conservation economically efficient for all stakeholders.

Jano De Rutte

Climate Manager

Jano has more than 10 years developing projects, research and rural enterprises related to forest conservation and sustainable development. He studied Forest Engineering in Peru and MSc. Management in Germany and France.

After a long journey in various trenches, he joined MarVivo to contribute in building something beyond conventional.

Andrea Spinoglio

Technical Department

Andrea has developed a deep knowledge on engineering aspects – from mechanical to electronics to hydraulic – while working with Companies around the World. He has applied these skills in software development, road building to mining, boat building and lately as Yacht Captain.

Andrea is always looking for a new challenge where usually the solution is creating a better and more reliable version of the current working system.

He has travelled the globe, often in very remote areas, and always counting on his initiatives and background to resolves the challenges he faces.