Fundación MarVivo

MarVivo Foundations are not-for-profit local entities incorporated in the project host country. During the early prospecting phase, we provide value assessments of the prospect area’s natural capital assets together with community needs and capacities. Using proprietary valuation models, we weight and rank the area’s natural capital assets based on economic value and environmental resilience together with existing community capacity. Basic needs of the community – such as health and education – that are identified during this initial prospecting phase are often addressed by the Foundation through traditional not-for-profit funding mechanisms in the form of MarVivo Foundation grants or through procurement of 3rd party funding partners.

MarVivo is an international network of multidisciplanry specialists with profressional background in climate, biodiversity, community analysis and egagement, legal & political arenas, ecotourism and hospitality development.

MarVivo Corporation

Once environmental, social, and economic baselines have been established locally and necessary external resources have been identified, an economically robust and environmentally resilient development plan is designed by the MarVivo team. Then, at the invitation of the host country and/or local communities, MarVivo Corp assumes the role of “co-investment partner” – usually in collaboration with one or more government agencies – and will also identify best-in-class 3rd party technical or financial partners needed for the successful execution of the development plan.

During the subsequent launch phase, MarVivo provides operational management expertise throughout the development process, as well as ongoing executive oversight post-development. This work is led by the Development Team at MarVivo Corp. The MarVivo Foundation team will maintain an operational presence post-development as a permanent and active member of the community.