ODISEA helps local leaders devise ecotourism strategies towards a conservation process that will help the community, species and ecosystems of Magdalena Bay to thrive.

ODISEA coordinates between MarVivo and the local community in the magnificent Magdalena Bay to ensure ecotourism experiences meet local needs and protect their natural heritage and local wildlife species.

Each ODISEA Safari involves the local community in its planning and execution. We endeavor to address the importance of sustainability and stress the importance of acting as stewards of our own land and heritage. By engaging with the community in their conservation efforts, we provide them with the support and tools they need to play an active part in safeguarding their local environments and wildlife.

ODISEA believes it is crucial to take a participatory approach and actively involves community members in decision-making processes.

Ecotourism can ensure ecological sustainability of wildlife populations, preserve habitats, provide revenue and opportunities for locals, create alternative livelihoods for fishermen, stimulate a region’s development, build environmental awareness, and enforce conservation initiatives.

ODISEA empowers the community to play an active part in safeguarding their local environments and wildlife.

ODISEA  believes one crucial thing you can do to support the health of our oceans is to support sustainable marine ecotourism adventures on your next holiday. Whether you want to freedive or swim with sharks, marlin, sailfish, orcas, play with friendly sea lions, photograph birds and mangroves, or wait in the dunes to encounter a coyote pack howling Magdalena Bay offers a vast diversity of different species and ecosystems to get excited about.

Mangrove Safari

Dunes Safari

Bird Safari

Gray Whale Safari

Mammal Safari

Apex Predators Safari

Our goal is to make certain Magnificent Magdalena Bay™ is available for you and future generations to enjoy.

ODISEA seeks to ensure this abundant and vibrant ecosystem remains healthy and the community surrounding it benefits from a healthy and sustainable future.

MarVivo is building trust and enthusiasm among ALL stakeholders through mutual respect, full transparency, capacity building and open, mutual knowledge sharing and transfer.

MarVivo cannot build a lasting solution alone.  We forge partnerships with organizations that have complementary areas of expertise and involve local communities in all of our projects.

Proceeds from the sale of MarVivo’s REDD+ carbon credits will support projects in local communities designed to address poverty, one of the main drivers of deforestation, and create new economic opportunities.